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Keyhole Spring Synopsis

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Keyhole Spring is the third mystery featuring artist
Trout Brooke, a dog-loving, book-devouring painter
of environmental disasters. While helping twelve-
year-old Tommy Sharpe recover from the violence
she experienced in Puzzle Creek, Brooke shares
the story of her own past assault - also a revelation to
Brooke's mother Mary Beth, with whom she was
reunited in Satori Ranch. As Brooke's tale unfolds,
we learn of the events that transformed this environ-
mentalist into a seemingly fearless defender of
women's rights: In 2008, after a violent assault in
her home in Silverplate, Montana, Brooke manages
to make a strong recovery and take back the power
from her attacker. Because of her brilliant visual
memory, rapist Wayne Ripplinger is brought to
justice. Mysteriously, Ripplinger escapes, starting a
chain of events in which Brooke ferrets out the
solutions to two brutal murders - one current, another
from the past. Set in Montana and Yellowstone Park, and with an abundance of twists and turns, Keyhole Spring is a complex and engaging page-turner.

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