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Puzzle Creek Synopsis

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Puzzle Creek is a ghost town, a derelict mining camp high in Montana's Adamantine Mountains. The six young daughters of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs Nate and Emily Sharpe are being held there by three tough kidnappers. The savvy Sharpe sisters work hard to keep body and soul together on their end, including getting a digital camera with information on their whereabouts to a major trail where it is found by environmentalist and painter Trout Brooke. Along with Cecil Penland, her godfather and head of security for the massive World Daily ranch bordering the mountains, Brooke and the Sharpes launch a private investigation. But as the number of people working the case grows, it becomes evident there is a leak. Events at Puzzle Creek force Brooke and the Sharpe girls to tap all their courage and intelligence to survive. This suspenseful mystery novel is not only the story of a strong and independent woman seeking to rescue six smart girls and discover the identity of a kidnapper and murderer, but also one of love: mothers' love for their children, sexual love between partners, and love of learning on the part of smart girls everywhere. In Puzzle Creek, grief is inseparably twisted with love into a complex tale of jealousy and revenge.

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